New Blog, Same Me


As much as I love my website, the platform does not suit my blog style and blogging is very important to me. As a natural teacher and lover of words, I really want to be able to blog here in a way that makes me so happy.

Blog Goals

First and foremost will be sharing my crochet love, particularly the intuitive crochet techniques that I have been working on for years and am so anxious to share.

I am also a crochet geek, particularly crochet history and crochet art. This is such an exciting time to be a crocheter: new designers, new magazines, international art installations, new techniques, materials and methods.

Where To Find Me

For those who know me well, I am hard to track down. It isn’t intentional…really it isn’t. For now, my website,, will remain where it is and navigating to the blog is just a click away. Ultimately I will move all my old posts here, and one day this might be the main place to find me and my work.

On Instagram – my only social media location – will still be listed as my website. If you want to just come here you can sign up for notifications of when I post. The web address here is

One Stitch At A Time

I thought this to be the perfect name for my blog. My crochet technique is based on working a stitch a time just as a painter paints one stroke of the brush at a time. I want to inspire, instruct and encourage all who are interested in what I do.

Until next time…crochet outside the lines.

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